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Acoustic panels

When they come in handy and what are their advantages? Easy to assemble, available in interesting patterns, and above all they protect against noise from neighborhood or outside. Additionally, the sound of your favorite music in the room will be even more audible - importantly, only for us and not the neighbors. Acoustic panels can be mounted both on the walls and on the ceiling. The acceptable noise level in rooms is strictly standardized. In a day time it should be not more than 40 decibels, and at night max. 30 decibels. During the day it should be a maximum of 40 decibels, and at night max. 30 decibels. Unfortunately, in the case of older blocks, tenement houses and multi-family houses, these standards are significantly exceeded. In such situations, better sound insulation will be useful.

At the time of major renovation one can coat the walls with mineral or glass wool, and mount cardboard-gypsum panels on them what reduces the room area. High quality acoustic panels, however, are far better as they do not reduce the surface that much. Easy assembly is one of the advantages, the second is that one gets interesting wall or ceiling decorations, often with a three-dimensional effect (3D panels). Among the decorative acoustic panels, one should pay attention to the so-called 3D family. On a single wall one can apply different colors, which results in even more original effect. The wall decorated with such panels does not require any extra finish. Some of panels are suitable for painting. So, if one day we get bored of their color, we can arrange an immediate metamorphosis preserving the effect of depth. Other panels thanks to their patterns resemble images. The rooms where we spend most of the time should be both aesthetic and well dumped. In addition, the panel pattern must match the furniture and accessories that will be visible on its background. The decor of the acoustic panels is dominated by geometrical patterns, and both wavy and even lines that are most interesting in modern interiors. Effective sound insulation is not easy to be achieved, but it is neither an impossible task. Manufacturers of building materials more and more often respond to demand for silence at home. In the majority of traditional materials available on the market acoustic aspects are totally ignored. Our modern panels, slabs, tapes and mats are utmostly helpful when one has not considered appropriate acoustic materials in advance.