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Wooden grilles

kratkaIf you are looking for decorative wooden or ventilation grilles, do not hesitate to contact us!
Wooden grilles can be applied to cover ventilation openings, kitchen cabinet doors, staircase balustrades as well as radiator screens, etc.
Wooden grilles are made exclusively of solid, high quality wood. The absolute symmetry of all sizes is obtained by means of computer calculations.
Our company Trading Ltd offers:

  • Decorative grilles

Finely ground surface, visible on both sides, no surface treatment
standard size 600 x 1200 mm
special size up to 1000 x 2400 mm according to the order

  • Ventilation grills

They can be used as decorative covers for ventilation openings (e.g. refrigerators) and air conditioning, such as a radiator grille, a home cinema system and a hi-fi set.
Thanks to a wide range of available wood (maple, beech, oak, alder, ash, spruce), the creative possibilities and practical applications of solid wood ventilation grilles are almost limitless.
They can be supplied as surface treated (pickling, painting, greasing, waxing) or as raw grids without any surface treatment.
In our offer you will also find:

  • simple wooden grilles
  • plaided wooden grilles

We sell grilles made of generally available and also of exotic wood species.

There are many other applications for grills.

It can also be a partition wall, finish of the front door in the kitchen or as a staircase screen.

We offer it as varnished, painted or without surface treatment.


The standard dimension is 1000 x 2400 mm or 600 x 1200 mm, the thickness of the grille from 4 to 16 mm.