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Stepwood ® wooden panels

Stepwood ®
Nature and design - perfect match.
Decorative panel Stepwood® is a creative project of few solid wood layers that are arranged to create a unique 3D effect. It is the easy to assemble perfect combination of nature and design. The combination of high quality wood and natural design makes Stepwood® an ideal material for decoration of stores, offices, and other interior projects. One can choose a rustic or modern version depending on the type and structure of the wood. The STEPWOOD® panel is a material creatively designed from pushed together single wooden slats that create a unique feeling of space, catching the eye with differences in the color and structure of applied types of wood. Also, it has been scientifically proven that STEPWOOD® panel effects positively the health. The stress level in rooms lined with solid wood is much below the one with other materials. In addition, recent scientific studies have shown that bacteria die faster on the wooden surface than, for example, on plastic one. STEPWOOD® panels significantly contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

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