Tockky sp. z o.o.

Tockky Ltd has been established in 2019. We trade interior acoustic goods, furniture components, handrails, wooden grades and sauna elements as well as ceiling and skirting strips.
We run our activities in metropolitan area of Warsaw, however thanks to the network of representatives, we do cover whole Poland as well as United Kingdom, Norway, USA and Canada.
The secret of our success is innovation of wooden articles and fair approach to every customer.
Each one order is dealt with full commitment and treated as priority, always. These most demanding ones are particularly challenging and commit to our continuous development in greatest part.
We do deliver highest quality products and services in conformity to expectations of investors.
On regular basis we cooperate with architects and professional construction & assembly companies.
We are distributors for globally largest manufacturers of the acoustic products and wooden elements e.g. Fklisty, Dukta, Corkbee, Tockky, Baux, Diasen.
The products we do propose are characterized by top level of technological advance combined while maintaining competitive prices.

Our experienced team will propose, advise, project and assembly the best products for improvement of acoustics in your room.